Tuesday, June 17, 2008


just a brief summary of what's been going on in the life of jen/sassy/jsauce...

i decided almost a month ago that i'm not bringing my youngest brother (who currently lives w/ me) w/ me to st louis. i've been much happier and excited about going back to school ever since this decision was made.

i called dad to wish him a happy father's day and ended up in a yelling over the phone argument w/ him about my being "self-centered" by not bringing josh w/ me to st louis to which for the very first time in 26 yrs, i yelled right back at him, firing shot for shot, not letting him get away w/ anything. asshole. i didn't stand down nor did i cry. it was totally awesome and very 'break-through'-esque.

i've started working retail again for moving costs. the moving truck alone will cost me $800 + gas! then there's deposit + 1st month's rent, plane tickets out to missouri and back to go apartment hunting (yes, for a ONE BEDROOM <3), and i need a new laptop for school as my current one is really and truly dead. retail sucks and i'm working my reg 40hr job plus an avg of 30hrs at my part-time so i'm worn out lately. it'll all come to an end soon though. for now, that's what's getting me through it all.

nick and i are still dating and though for the most part i'm happy, we still have much to work through. today is our 11 month anniv!

i'm moving august 15-17. packing the truck here on friday the 15th, driving out the 16th (hopefully all in one day), then unpacking the 17th~. orientation for school starts that monday so it'll be busy busy busy. anyone wanna volunteer to help move/pack/unpack?

that's all folks!

Monday, May 19, 2008

because utah made me...

this is my new blog. this is where i'll update the few viewers who care to read about my daily going-ons through a series of happy comments, complaining, whining, crying, yelling and the like.

all of this because utah is making me do it. bah.